Monday, September 7, 2009

Fort Defiance 09-06-2009

Location: 365 Van Brunt St. BK
Time: 5pm
People: Osha, RB and myself

Feelings: Osha took us to his new favorite spot, Fort Defiance in Red Hook. It is a cute and classy local spot with modern flair, and they have a full bar with an impressive cocktail list and serve some New American bistro style food. Unfortunately when we went, they had not opened the kitchen yet. (Possibly next week after they get their permits, the owner said.) But they had various cold plates such as muffuletta, cheese, and Banh Mi.

Osha had mentioned that they serve great coffee here, so we started off with a cup of Americano. What a great cup of coffee! It was flavorful and clean without any burnt flavor or over-bitterness. I envy the locals for having such an amazing coffee acccess near.

We also ordered Bûcheron goat cheese, blue fish rillettes, and pork and duck breast terrine. They were all full of bold flavors, but we should have probably ordered some wine or their famous cocktails to clean the palate. RB could not get rid of the terrine taste from his mouth.

I can't wait to go back to Fort Defiance once they open their kitchen. The owner said they just got a pastry chef for their dessert menu, so I really cannot wait. It is absolutely a fantastic place to spend a lazy afternoon sipping their coffee or refreshing cocktails. This place is worth taking a hike for.

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