Monday, October 4, 2010

Ramen from Mai 10-04-2010

Location: 16 E. 41st St.
Time: 12:30pm

Feelings: I just had the most bizarre and random meal for lunch. I was going to pick up some soba at my favorite Japanese deli, Chiyoda, but to my surprise, it was now known as "Mai." Fortunately, it seemed very similar to Chiyoda, but Mai had something very interesting. I found "Shrimp Tempura Ramen" ($4.75) served in a plastic parfait cup. If I was not an author for a blog named Ramen and Friends, I would not dare pick up this dish for my Monday lunch.

The basic concept of dish was Hiyashi Chuka in a cup, except it had green curly noodles at the bottom and fried shrimp on top. I am not certain what these mysterious green noodles were, but they were much lighter than conventional ramen noodles. It also came with Thai chili sauce, which complimented the shrimp very well. The thinly sliced cucumbers and radish were fresh, and the crunchy texture contrasted the soft noodles.

The concept of ramen in a cup is nothing new. After all, Cup Noodles have been around since the 70s in the U.S. But fresh ramen with salad in a parfait cup? It might just be a perfect lunch for those who crave ramen on the go.


Unknown said...

I'm all about ramen in cups, but I think the portion size seems a bit small or did you find it was pretty satisfying?

Yosh. O said...

It was a little small, but I had a pastry from Panya next door after wards!!