Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chocolate Feuilletine from Cafe Kristall 03-13-2013

Location: 70 Mercer St.

Feelings: It is rare that you find a 9-5 job in NYC now. People are expected to work more than 60 hours a week especially if you are in a creative industry below 28th Street. With rent through the roof, and working til exhaustion, the quality of life suffers. I do often wonder what if I had stayed in Japan? At least I would have the universal healthcare and pension no matter what.

Over the past three years, RB worked had been averaging about 80 hours a week. For me to get a small raise at work and send CK to a decent preschool, I was told to play these silly corporate games. My former supervisor would sit me down to repeat and practice exactly what to say to get ahead in the corporate world. "In the end, this is for the family, right?" he said.

In the end, my family value is having honest, good people in my life. RB brought me home the cake I was dying to try from Cafe Kristall. The posh setting was not conducive to take out, but he got a container from next door and requested to take a piece of chocolate feuilletine ($7). With the decadent chocolate ganache and the layers of feuilletine, this is a piece of art. The hint of heaviness from the cream was lightened by the airy crunchiness.

RB now started a new, exciting job with more time for the family. We now have time to actually dine at Cafe Kristall and enjoy more of their scrumptious little cakes.

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