Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue Hill Cafe at Stone Barns 03-29-2013

Location: 630 Bedford Rd. Pocantico Hills, NY
Time: 12pm
People: AR, CR, OR, CK and myself

Feelings: I am vain. Growing up in a large city in Japan means limited space/land availability, but it also means amazing food, beauty, culture, and plenty of eccentric people. I called the department stores my "backyard" and started drinking black, siphone coffee at the age of 11. My first heels were espadrilles at the age of 10, and I have always worn heels even in a snow storm or during my pregnancy as well as during the labor. My grandmother wore full make up and perfectly done hair in her deathbed, complaining about her dark aging spots on her cheek until she took her last breath. Needless to say, I have a very difficult time relating to many women outside of Japanese cities.

Stone Barns is a non-profit farm located in Hudson Valley and a home to the renowned farm-to-table restaurant, Blue Hill. "Farm" is a very scary word to a person like myself. But it turns out Stone Barns is quite urbanite friendly, and my 5.5 inch boots were easily able to handle any muddy spots.

This farm also runs as an educational center with a mission to promote local food and community based agriculture. It is a great way for kids to experience a working farm and see adorable baby lambs up close. Commence cute attacks.

Many people would not be able to afford to dine at Blue Hill restaurant, but the cafe is worth a stop and relatively reasonable. It is a small shop filled with delicious goodness like pastries, coffee, fruit and honey. The scone we tried was exceptional. With little crispy edges with soft inside, my anxiety over the farm was completely erased. I will definitely go back to this contained farm--more like Epcot of farming-- with higher heels next time.

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