Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Date Day 11-07-2011

Location: All over Cobble HillTime: 9am to 5pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: It has been almost a year since we had a date. Since we had a day full of appointments in our neighborhood, we decided to take a day off from work. Between the appointments, I was able to have a bit of "date day" with RB.

Growing up in Osaka, many kids in metropolitan area spend their off days strolling and exploring the city in their trendy outfits. The pattern of shopping, cafe, strolling, cafe, shopping, followed by another cafe is a rather common way to spend a lazy Sunday. I miss doing that. Thankfully, I was able to do somewhat close to it this day.

Cafe # 1: A relaxing breakfast at Ted and Honey. RB enjoyed his breakfast wrap, the "Red Neck" ($6.50, with cheddar cheese grits, farmhouse eggs and Dines farm ham) while slowly sipping a cup of coffee and watching people walk by. I unfortunately had to finish some work emails but returned to my decaf coffee right away.

Cafe #2: Smith Canteen (343 Smith St.) is a spin-off cafe and takeout venture by Seersucker down the street. RB ordered a pain au chocolat ($3) and second cup of decaf for me while I watched a young couple struggling to feed their toddler. I started to feel a sense of guilt for this date day. The pain au chocolat was perfectly flaky and buttery, and together with the bitter-sweet chocolate center, it all melted in my mouth. Tasty coffee washed it all down.

Cafe #3: At The Chocolate Room (269 Court St.), RB and I shared quite a decadent drink: Dark Hot Chocolate with whip cream. ($4.75, whip cream $.75) It was rich yet not overly sweet and completely warmed up my soul.

Many people go to a spa or take a vacation in Caribbeans for a bit of relaxation, but I get most rejuvenated after my cafe hopping with RB. Of course, the sense of guilt never left me, and we picked up CK earlier from daycare.


kim said...

Me too. No fancy spa vacation. No exotic getaway. Just a stroll in the park or tea time with friends and I'm a happy gal. :)

Enjoy your weekend. So cold!

Yosh. O said...

We're cheap dates :) Haha.