Friday, November 18, 2011

Steve's Craft Ice Cream "Bklyn Blackout" 11-09-2011

Feelings: RB brought home a pint of charmingly packaged Steve's Craft Ice Cream from the local bodega. Steve's Ice Cream was originally opened back in 1973 in Massachusetts with the novel idea of mixing candy into ice cream. And here I thought Dairy Queen invented the concept. The revival of this brand happened last year, and they will soon be opening stores in BoCoCa and Midtown. I decided to drop my regular Ben & Jerry and TJ's ice cream and give this pint a try first.

The flavor I tried was called "Bklyn Blackout,"which was consisted of milk chocolate ice cream swirled with Brooklyn's Ovenly's chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding. The milk chocolate ice cream was heavenly creamy that reminded me of Blue Marble. I couldn't quite get a taste of pudding, but the prominent flavor of dark chocolate was present. I felt that some of the cake chunks were rather large, resulted in a few dry bites, but overall, it had an exquisite flavor and texture combination of luscious ice cream and dark chocolate. It is less sweet and more refined than Ben and Jerry's, and if you are dissatisfied with Blue Marble's lack of chunks, you would be very happy with Steve's. With their cute, desaturated designed website, it seems Steve's already have Brooklyn's stamp of approval.

I just wish the container was not plastic, however. I can't microwave the ice cream!

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