Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Atlantic Antic 10-02-2011

Location: Atlantic Ave., BK
Time: 12pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: This is my third Atlantic Antic, and while the loud noise coming from the street bothers us all day, every year I get excited about all the culinary possibilities. It seems the block between Henry and Clinton offers the most local vendors including many from Red Hook such as Steve's AUTHENTIC Key Lime Pies and Red Hook Lobster Pound.

The shrimp roll ($8, sweet Maine shrimp tossed in roasted garlic and tarragon mayo, served in a top-split JJ Nissen bun) from the Lobster Pound was fresh, and the portion of shrimp was generous. I was really able to taste the freshness and meatiness of the shrimp since it was not masked by sauce or any other condiments. The bun was buttery and crispy and played a fantastic supporting roll.

While I was finishing up the never ending shrimp, RB devoured a lamb and pork merguez from Brooklyn Bangers, the sausage sandwich venture from Saul Bolton from The Vanderbilt and Saul. Mr. Bolton himself was present at the tent and informed RB that he has a new Italian restaurant opening up on Atlantic between Henry and Clinton, formerly occupied by Mezcal.

Our recent favorite, Catania had a tent and attracted crowds with their superb Sicilian pastries and pizza. The regulars Damascus and Chip Shop were also present, and especially near the Chip Shop beer tent, there were countless number of older guzzler gentlemen rocking to the music. I told CK, please get all the partying done before 30 and avoid this sort of public humiliation. After 30, it just seems a tad sad and desperate. Oh wonderful Atlantic Antic-- you teach us some life lessons while giving us the opportunity for the amazing local culinary adventure.

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