Friday, March 13, 2009

Souen Ramen Night 03-13-2009

Location: 326 E 6th Street
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: My favorite Japanese macrobiotic restaurants, Souen and Souen Soho opened a new organic ramen shop last week. Of course we were intrigued by this healthy ramen option.
We started off with one of my favorite Japanese appetizers, goma (sesame) tofu. As we enjoyed its perfectly sticky, smooth texture and nutty flavors, their friendly waitstaff brought our miso and shoyu ramen almost immediately. Being macrobiotic, there is no pork based broth or pork belly here à la Ippudo. You can actually choose your broth from organic chicken or vegan/vegetarian, and you can choose either whole wheat or rice noodles. The broth was very light, and the whole wheat ramen reminded me of soba or udon soup. The texture of noodle was perfectly al dente, and they did a fantastic job disguising the grainy wheat texture that is typical of macrobiotic noodles. If you expect fatty, stick to your ribs kind of ramen, you may be disappointed. But if you appreciate macrobiotic food with light and refreshing flavors, or if you are vegan or health conscious, you will enjoy the selections of Souen Ramen.

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