Thursday, August 14, 2008

Souen Dinner 08-14-2008

"This tastes like what my grandmother used to make"

Location: 28 E 13th St
Time: 6:30pm
People: RB and myself
Feelings: Being a vegetarian from Osaka with severe lactose intolerance problems, Macrobiotic food has been nice to me and my stomach. This place offers excellent Macrobiotic dishes, good beers and great service. Our Yaki-Soba and Kuzu Stew reminded me of my grandmother's food I had when I was little. It did have the granola-patchouli feel to the place, but the greenhouse decor on the 2nd floor made us feel as if we were away from the city briefly. Man, those cold Kukicha and gluten free beer were great.

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