Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sanmaroo Night & Batch 08-16-2008

"There's a good Korean place in the Village?"

Location:22 W 8th St
Time: 6:30pm
People: RB and myself
Feelings: Wow! I never expected to have great Korean food on West 8th street. My Jangteo Koksu (noodles with vegetables in an anchovy broth) was flavorful, and RB's Ojingeo-Bokkeum (stir fried squid) was spicy and confirmed me that this place brings authentic Korean flavors without any MSG. Their compimentary
sweet cinnamon punch, Soo Jeong Gwa, helped cool our spicy tongues down. They even gave us 2 complimentary glasses of wine!

Post Noodle Dessert: Batch, 150B W 10th St
Feelings: Best cupcakes in the city. Better than Magnolia, Babycakes, Cupcake Cafe, you name it, this place has the most creative, flavorful cupcakes without use of too much sugar. Our Yuzu cupcake and Salted Caramel cupcake brought us the new meanings to cupcakes.

Other Feelings: Ramen and Friends encountered Mr. Recipe. Mr. Recipe, a.k.a. the Spice Guru, brings premium spices to the great chefs all around the city, including the vanilla for the cupcakes we had. Now I know why their cupcakes have such wonderful flavors: the secret is Mr. Recipe!

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