Friday, March 13, 2009

Cafe Duke 03-11-2009

Location: 140 W 51st St
Time: 1:30pm
People: AP and myself

Feelings: Until recently, I have been spoiled with too many lunch options with my previous jobs in Chelsea and Midtown East. Unfortunately, now I work in Times Square where it is almost impossible to find a reasonably priced, vegetarian friendly and tasty lunch. When I have a time, I usually research Midtown Lunch and head out to Hell's Kitchen, but when I am rushed, I am forced to deal with the takeout menus. Then 'Showtime Ops!' told me about this ├╝ber deli, Cafe Duke and its selections of salad bars, sushi, decent Korean food such as Chap Chae, ramen and soba noodles, sandwiches, protein shake, and German cookies. You name it, they will have whatever you crave for lunch. Of course, they are not outstanding, and it is surely overpriced, but they are quite reliable and convenient. I certainly miss Chelsea lunching, but for now, Cafe Duke gives me the illusion of a decent lunch option.

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Anonymous said...

the food not so great,the prices is too high,the staff are terrible,they curse people in another language when they do not like to take any comments on the orders,try to avoid such that place