Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Budapest Log from AQ Kafe 03-16-2009

Location: 1800 Broadway
Time: 6pm

Feelings: Craving Prinsesstårta, I went back to AQ Kafe after work to get myself a little treat. To my dismay, they were out of whole Prinsesstårta. Instead I bought a "Budapest Log." Budapest Log is a creamy cake of hazelnut meringue, chocolate chantilly, and a mandarin filling in the center. It possibly has the most unique texture that could be found in cake: it has soft, flakey, crunchy, and creamy textures all in once bite. It could have been too overwhelming and complex, but they simplify the taste by not making it too sweet. The smooth creaminess, with subtle crispy layers, along with the chocolaty and citrus flavors help make this cake a perfectly balanced dessert.

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