Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gotham Hall 03-19-2009

Location: 1356 Broadway
Time: 6pm
People: JS and myself

Feeling: My lovely coworker, JS accompanied me to the T. Howard Foundation's 16th Diversity Awards at Gotham Hall. The valuable T. Howard Foundation is a wonderful non-profit that promotes diversity in media and entertainment industry, and tonight they celebrate their 2008 intern class as well as to congratulate some of diversity awards recipients.

The hor d'oeuvres at the quite posh Gotham Hall were all amazing and flavorful, and JS, myself and my former BBC coworkers (that I unknowingly ran into) all enjoyed shrimp with sweet sauce the best. As for dinner, they were extremely accomodating to a ovo-vegetarian like myself. I got spicy curry with chickpeas and rice, and JS ordered the beef with layered potato and sweet potato on the side. Everyone at our table enjoyed their dessert and selection of Petit Fours.

It was an honor to attend such a prestigious event for such a good cause, and I was especially thankful to meet all the young people who will be the future of the media industry.

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