Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wasabi Sushi and Bento 03-20-2014

Location: 561 7th Ave.
Time: 12:30pm

Feelings: Wasabi Sushi, the first New York outpost from London, can easily be identified as Pret of sushi. With individually wrapped sushi, rice balls and other Japanese casual eats like katsu, curry, teriyaki and ramen, it is a perfect lunch option for busy Midtown workers. Sushi is priced for two pieces, and they are mostly around $2 to $3.50. Pretty good deal, considering the location, however, I am not too certain how long these wrapped sushi sit around in the impeccably organized layout.

Sunomono Salad ($3.95 with chukka wakame, seaweed, carrot, edamame, cherry tomato, mixed greens with sesame seeds and sesame oil) is my favorite at Wasabi. This seaweed based salad is filling, and the $3.95 price tag is quite a good deal for the portion.

As far as prepared sushi goes, I feel that the Paris version of Pret-sushi, Sushi Shop, offers more clean, tasteful box of simple sushi. Wasabi is definitely more casual and reasonable, but for the flavor competition, the French wins this one. Either way, Wasabi is a great addition to Midtown-- any place I don't have to order my food or talk to people is a winner to me.

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