Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sushi Shop 07-03-2013

Location: 31 W. 52nd St.
Time: 1pm

Feelings: Sushi Shop, a Parisian chain specializing in sushi take out, recently expanded to NYC. It features Pret-type self-service takeout station as well as a spacious dining area. The sushi is made fresh, all 150 choices of rolls. Perhaps the most exciting news is that the desserts made by Mille-feuille Bakery in Greenwich Village will be easily attainable in Midtown.

From the decor to packaging, everything is carefully designed with zen-minimalism while maintaining the casual setting--perfect for busy or lazy Midtown workers who apparently don't even have time to read emails.

Each roll is beautifully crafted and boxed in 100% recyclable materials including their pretty shopping bags. The subtle tranquility is available here with some more bold flavors that non-traditionalist would crave from sushi like spiciness and creaminess.

The sides like seaweed salad ($5) are fresh and tasty. The six maki rolls are between $4.50 and $10, regular rolls are from $5.50 to $8. If you want the Pret's clean/fresh/fast sense from sushi, Sushi Shop is the place for you.

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Unknown said...

actually, a lot of the rolls and nigiri push the $20 mark for a standard serving. bought a (very small) tuna tartare at the 51st branch two days after opening and found it to be ok, but not nearly worth the cost.

plus, super premium prices for stuff that's been sitting under refrigeration for any length of time? may as well go to cafe duke.