Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aux Epices 07-05-2013

Location: 121 Baxter St.
Time: 2pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Beloved Tribeca establishment, Franklin Station Cafe reincarnated in a small spot, formerly occupied by one of RB's lunch spots, Bluebird Sky. With Malaysian homestyle food and French flair in a relaxed setting, the Canal street frenzy feels like a world away.

Prices are somewhere between Chinatown and SoHo, just like its location. It is also a perfect place for a Southeast Asian cuisine novice as well as experts who have visited every Malaysian and Indonesian spot in Elmhurst.

The portions are quite generous while maintaining the light, clean flavors. From laksa to nasi lemak, Malaysian old favorites are present with more refined notes. Salad with cucumber, mango, jicama and vermicelli is light and refreshing. The crunchy texture and the sweet and salty flavor make this dish a true summer staple.

The seafood laksa ($12.95) is voluminous. The egg noodles, fresh muscles and prawns soaks up the delicious buttery curry sauce. The side order cone shaped mound of coconut rice is also CK's favorite.

You shouldn't really compare this place to more griddy, hall-in-the wall favorites like Taste Good in Elmhurst. Aux Epices is definitely more delicate with a touch of downtown chic. For the quality of food and the calming vibe (and great lighting-- I want to do my makeup here everyday), Aux Epices is a little gem on Baxter Street.


KikaEats said...

Ooh, must try!

KikaEats said...

Ooh, must try!

Yosh. O said...

Yes!! PLEASE try and let me know what you think--dont forget to try the pancake popper place across the street.