Friday, September 30, 2011

Mille Feuille 09-29-2011

Location: 552 Laguardia Pl.
Time: 1pm
People: BLee and myself

Feelings: Laguardia Place is a bit of a nightmare: Young NYU students hurrying to their next class, terrible eateries reminiscent of outdoor mall food courts, and of course peculiar looking locals aimlessly wandering about. It is definitely the area people would spell and pronounce "macaron" as "macaroon." However, walking into the charming French bakery, Mille-feuille, you are immediately enveloped by the intoxicating sweet buttery aroma and are transported.

The croissants and baked goods at Mille-feuille are supposed to be one of the best in the city. The pastry chef is from prestigious Pierre Herme and trained at Ritz Cooking School, so the expectation was incredibly high.

The lunch special is a pretty amazing deal. A large French style sandwich with either two macarons, mille feuille or pastry--for just $10! The sandwich was pre-packaged, but the portion was large, and the bread, pain au lait (milk bread) was soft and slightly sweet while supporting all the ingredients of Le Ni├žois (white tuna, tomatoes, hard boiled egg slices, chives, creme fraiche, red whine vinegar, mayo and mustard). People who like their sandwich bread with more texture would be caught off guard by this gentle, pillowy sandwich.

My two macarons, espresso and salted caramel were both filling-centric. The center filling was rather voluminous and took over the entire flavor and texture. I personally prefer more delicate layer of the cream, but this was rather dense and satisfying.

The service is warm and inviting, and the staff is quite knowledgeable here. I will have to go back for their famous croissant at some point. They only have a small counter if you want to eat in, but why not grab their sandwich or baked goods, head over to the park while enjoying this perfect fall weather? You might feel like you are in Paris for that moment.

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