Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tink's 03-09-2013

Location: 102 E.7th St
Time: 12pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: A quaint East Village spot, Tink's opened in November 2012, serving all kinds of American comfort food in small plates. With the playful menu and romantic yet whimsical decor, the atmosphere is perfect for couples or small groups.

The prix fixe brunch boasts with American classics like "Grown Up Grilled Cheese" and "Cinnabon Pancakes." At $16, any brunch dish is served with bread and your choice of: house brewed Porto Rico coffee or tea by Stash plus a mimosa. Not a bad deal with an entree itself usually costs around $16 in the area.

The service makes you forget that you are in NYC. The staff kept calling me ma'am with genuine smiles, and I felt like we were on mini vacation. (..until large groups of women started dining next to us and complaining about the lack of decent men in the city.) No one can possibly be this nice in NYC. They must have rent controlled apartments.

The fritatta (organic eggs, brussel sprouts, cremini mushrooms, leeks, red bell peppers, herb goat cheese with sweet potato has) was a bit overcooked but tasted fresh with full of great assorted vegetables and cheese. I especially enjoyed the sweet potato hash.

RB's Chicken and Waffles (multi-grain waffles, pretzel fried chicken, chipotle honey butter) were quite unique and tasty. The pretzel fried chicken was terrifically crispy, and the spicy honey butter spice harmonized the sweet and savory.

The place was completely packed by 1pm with happy brunch crowds, so I recommend making a reservation or getting there early around noon.

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