Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spring 12-05-2012

Location: 36 West 38th St.
Time: 1:30pm
People: SaSha and myself (Thanks SaSha for the dumpling pic!)

Feelings: The newly opened Spring, "The House of Pot Stickers, Yummy Dumplings and Juicy buns" required a bit of walk from Midtown West. Why are 5th and 6th avenues in Midtown so damn far from each other? But considering the amount of carbs you are about to consume at this carb friendly joint, this is truly a blessing in disguise.

Cute signs and decor are usually a rare thing to see at a Midtown dumpling spot since Rickshaw arrived. Without being too hip while retaining its Midtown atmosphere, Spring attracts a diverse clientele. From foodies to people who are afraid of everything but chicken sandwiches can enjoy what they have to offer.

They are only offering the limited menu now, ("larger menu, Chinese tapas, wine and beer coming soon," was clearly written) but it already looks more than large enough. There are options of dumplings, buns and noodles plus soup and salad, and everything is reasonably priced under $10. In addition, there are plenty of interesting Chinese tea drinks available. The chrysanthemum drink I tried was a bit too sweet, but it would be perfect for these dim sum like treats at Spring.

The dumplings were unfortunately not made to order, so I decided to go with "Shrimp Ball Noodles" ($8.25). You can choose from four different noodle options: rice noodle, ramen, udon and egg noodle. The broth was rather bland, but the vegetables were fresh, and shrimp balls were flavorful with very strong shrimp smell. The ramen noodles I chose to accompany the balls were... just about ordinary. I should probably have ordered egg noodle or rice noodle for this, but when I see the word ramen, there is no escape from it.

SaSha thought her dumplings were juicy and flavorful, but the skin was a bit too thick. Also, somehow there was no sauce for dipping. Do they not offer any interesting customized sauce, or are we supposed to just use soy sauce?

Spring is a great introductory spot for dumplings, buns and noodles for people who rarely touch Asian food. The space is clean and welcoming, and it's a perfect place to sit down with your friends and enjoy some dumplings, tea and hopefully some Chinese beer soon.


Mina said...

I've had that juice box of tea before! I loved it.

Yosh. O said...

I wish they had sugarless version!!