Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ferrero Hanuta Box 12-02-2012

Feelings: I might have mentioned in the past that Hanuta is one of my favorite snacks of all times. This little wafer sandwich usually comes with two in a small packaging, but when I found a box of Hanuta at Key Food, there was no going back. What a fantastic cute little holiday gift (to me, especially). There are 10 Hanuta pieces in this gloriously festive box. Individually wrapped, a thick center of rich, decadent hazelnut chocolate cream is ever so present between crispy wafers.

I decided to have one Hanuta per day around 8:30pm after CK finally goes to bed after much struggles. By day six, I started to get sick of this truly amazing treat. In the end, RB finished the rest. Anything in moderation, my ramen friends. Eat Hanuta responsibly.

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