Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chobani Flip 11-21-2012

Feelings: One of my yogurt staples is Fage total greek yogurt with the sauce attached like a sidecar motorcycle. Their honey flavor is my usual favorite, but today I saw a different, more square shaped packaging at Duane Reade. It turns out it was actually Chobani's new product called Flip, currently only available in the Northeast. There are two flavors available: vanilla chocolate raspberry and honey banana.

The concept of Flip is the same as Fage's, but this one is chunkier, and the yogurt itself already comes with flavors sans the typical Greek yogurt thickness. The vanilla chocolate raspberry flavor I tried was, to me, no longer a breakfast product--it was dessert. The chunks of dark chocolate are mixed into creamy vanilla yogurt, and the sweet and tangy raspberry from the side compartment makes this yogurt even more decadent.

The portion of yogurt is very small, and the tartness is almost completely nonexistent. With 23 grams of sugar, I suppose this is indeed a sweet treat but a healthy alternative to ice cream with chunks.


Boss Lady said...

We buy big containers of the greek yogurt from Costco and mix in either a teaspoon of jelly or fruit. Cheaper and you can pick what goes in it!

Yosh. O said...

YUM! ahh I'd put too much honey in my yogurt!