Monday, November 26, 2012

Five Tacos 11-17-2012

Location: 119 St. Marks Pl.
Time: 12:30pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: Sometimes simplicity is the best. Such is the case with the name of East Village taquerilla,  Five Tacos. They serve tacos with five different types of fillings: pulled chicken, pulled pork, vegetarian, spicy chorizo and ground spiced beef. Perhaps the world would be a much better place if everything is more simply named. "Hi, My name is Girl-from-Japan-who-likes-shoes-and-ramen." We would never have to waste any moment chit chatting with strangers at some boring party.

Five Tacos is owned by the people behind Ten Degrees bar next door. Since they are open late (4am on weekends), this little spot would be perfect for late night bites or hangover lunches. This white-tiled space is clean and inviting, and we had a relaxing lunch at the counter.

The vegetarian filling ($3.67 for taco) is made of ginger butternut squash and spiced red bell peppers, which was flavorful with interesting textures. Usually veggie tacos tend to be unexciting, and the only flavor comes from guacamole or cheese, but their veggie taco is uniquely flavored and inventive. I was disappointed by their bland tortilla, but it was compensated by their signature sauces.

The sauces are what make this place unique. There are five different sauces on the counter you can generously squirt. The Tequila chipotle mayo, Hickory bourbon BBQ, Spicy coconut masala, Hot habenero jerk, and the devil's sauce add interesting twists to each bite.

RB thought his pulled chicken burrito was flavorful and an interesting change from the typical mission style burrito. He really began enjoying it as he started squirting the sauces. The burrito is tasty, but the real selling point is sitting at the counter and trying a different sauce with each bite.

Actually, they do serve more than tacos. Quesadillas ($5.97), burritos ($7.35) and platos ($7.35) can be assembled with one of the five fillings. So they really should name themselves "Five Fillings," or perhaps "Five Sauces."

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