Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brooklyn Beach Shack 08-19-2012

Location: Pier 2, Furman Street BK, right next to the pop-up pool
Time: 1pm
People: RB, CK and myself

Feelings: If you are avoiding public pools after hearing about numerous incidents at McCarren Park Pool this summer, there is a new option. The pop-up pool, a kid-friendly pool on the Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, is a great way to cool off. It is open daily from 10am to 6 pm through Labor Day, and they give you a wristband for every hour to enjoy this temporary uncrowded 3.5 foot deep pool. This pool is not as large as McCarren Park Pool, but the view of downtown Manhattan is hard to beat, and the mini beach and cute and colorful design really make up for the size.

A concession stand located next to the pool and the sandy beach is Brooklyn Beach Shack, serving very simple menu with burgers and hot dogs during the pool hours. (After 6pm, wine and beer are available.)
The burger here ($7.95, extra $1 for cheese) is not cheap but subpar. RB thought it was overcooked and dry.

My veggie burger (also $7.95) was mushy and unexciting. Since so many lively spots such as Calexico, Blue Marble, and Bark Dogs occupy other concessions of the park, I was expecting more edgy gourmet food that is typical of the Brooklyn culinary scene, especially with the name like "Brooklyn Beach Shack." But this shack is not related to Shake Shack by any remote means, and the food is purely simple, in the less desirable interpretation.

Since you would likely have to wait for your burger for more than 10 minutes, I'd recommend you walk down to Pier 6 for a tasty dog at Bark Dogs after a dip in the pool.

So stop by Pier 2 for a nice cool dip and take a short walk through the construction to Pier 6 for some yummy Bark Dogs or head south to Pier 1 for a delicious Calexico burrito and enjoy the end of the summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

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