Monday, May 7, 2012

STK Out 04-23-2012

Location: 1114 Avenue of Americas
Time: 12:30pm
People: Effie and myself

Feelings: The trendy Meatpacking steakhouse, STK, recently launched a take out kiosk near Bryant Park, serving burgers, wraps, and salads. All items on the menu are under $14, and there are some interesting sides available like mac&cheese bites ($4) as well as STK's famous frozen treats, including a birthday cake shake ($6).

The lobster wrap with arugula and avocado surely sounded delicious, and the STK burger with truffle aioli would satisfy many a midtown worker's burger cravings. I normally despise watermelon, but the high quality of the tomato watermelon salad with feta cheese ($8) surprised my palate. The watermelon worked almost like spongy tofu, soaking up all the juicy, tasty flavor of the ginger dressing and feta. STK Out recently updated their menu, and unfortunately I don't see this delicious, perfect summer salad on their new menu. What a shame! This could have been the only way to get me to eat watermelon.

Effie was not too pleased with the toasted veggie wrap ($8), which seemed very dry. The iced tea ($2) was nothing spectacular, and we continued on our lunch outing at out favorite spot, Blue Bottle.

I felt that many items on the menu were a bit overpriced, but the new menu is all under $10. Perhaps I should overcome my sorrow over watermelon salad and try some other items now that they are slightly cheaper.


Sara Shacket said...

I'm impressed that you tried it. when I see any menu that has 'sammies' and 'bevies', I keep walking :)

Yosh. O said...

I know! They got some horrendous reviews...but the watermelon salad was really good. I'm not sure who would buy a $6 milkshake in Midtown though.

kim said...

I work right there and have seen the food carts lost a bit of business due to the opening of STK, which is a shame because these mom and pops really work hard. Food might not be fancy or 'organic', but it's bang for your bucks.

Anonymous said...

The sweet potato tots are gone, too :(

Anonymous said...

Tots were pretty good.

Just a little biz competition for the food carts, no matter how hard they work they must not be creating great product if people are going to STK over their cart.