Monday, June 13, 2011

Sukeroku from Mai 06-10-2011

Location: 16 E. 41st St.
Time: 12:30pm

Feelings: Yes, I am incredibly Japanese when it comes to lunch. I usually have some sort of bento-esque rice meal or noodles like soba or udon. It is common for hungry, carb loving Osakans to get a "udon set" consisting of a bowl of udon with a small donburi or inari zushi. This is my ideal meal, but in New York, I have to choose between rice and noodles, which is the Sophie's Choice of the carb lover.

At Mai in Midtown, however, I do not have to choose. Their version of Sukeroku (the set of inari and rolled sushi) comes with soba sushi and inari with rice. If you are tired of sushi with brown rice, soba sushi would be a healthy alternative since buckwheat is made of vitamin rich complex carbs and has twice the protein found in rice. The smooth texture of soba makes this dish somewhat similar to Vietnamese summer rolls.

Mai's Sukeroku is incredibly filling, and at the price of $7.99, quite a great deal. You still have some money left to get some pastry from Panya next door located inside of Sunrise Mart. Soba, rice and bread--That's some carb hopping.

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