Friday, June 10, 2011

FREE Ice Cream Sandwich from Sweetery 06-08-2011

Feelings: My coworker, SN, is like walking Midtown Lunch. She knows about every single food truck, especially those within walking distance. Due to our incredibly slow internet at work, I often consult her about food options. She also recently started using Sweetery (previously known as Street Sweets) as our caterers for meetings, which have become much happier and lively since.

Today, she left an ice cream sandwich on my desk. Apparently, Sweetery gave her six of them for free! You should probably use them as a caterer for your office so you might be able to get the similar tasty treatment from them.

The ice cream sandwich was rather small, especially compared to Coolhaus, but the flavor was understated and more sophisticated. Most ice cream sandwiches result in a big mess and stains on your shirt, but this particular sandwich did not even get my fingers dirty. The cookies were lusciously chewy despite some parts a bit frozen and difficult to eat, and I appreciated the strong dark chocolate flavor. This is definitely an ice cream sandwich for grown ups.

I hope to try more of their ice cream sandwiches soon... or perhaps my coworker will share another one with me again.


Mina said...

Wow, that looks really delicious. I really miss our tea parties with Betty. FREE CAKE, oh the good ol' days. Miss you!

Yosh. O said...

we all miss you here!!