Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coffee Jello from Hiroko's Place 11-21-2009

Location: 75 Thompson St
Time: 8pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: We had some time to kill before the new Almodovar flick, "Broken Embraces," so we stopped by at one of my favorite Japanese cafes, Hiroko's Place in Soho. I say "one of my favorite Japanese cafes," but Hiroko's Place must be the only authentic Japanese "kissaten (Japanese-style coffee shop)" in the city. Whenever I am here, I can relax on their big couch, look at nice artwork on the wall (even in their bathroom), and pick up some Japanese comic books or magazines while sipping their amazing siphoned coffee. Their service also comes with top notch Japanese hospitality, which is the reason I prefer to spend a bit more to spend quality time at Hiroko's. When my work used to offer summer Fridays, I used to go shopping in the area and spend hours here by myself. Those were the days!

I usually order coffee jello with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream. ($7.50) It isn't too sweet, and you can enjoy the flavor and texture of fresh fruit. The bitterness of the coffee jello and creamy sweetness of the ice cream go perfectly together. The cute presentation also helps this dessert experience.

I have not yet tried their food since even when I was in Japan, I would never order food at kissaten. (Kissatens are not really known for their food.) But when I crave kissaten food like omu-curry, ketchup spaghetti or doria, I will certainly stop at Hiroko's.

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