Friday, November 27, 2009

The 37th International Emmy Awards 11-23-2009

Location: Hilton, 1335 Avenue of Americas
Time: 5pm
People: Over 1200 Television professionals and celebs!

Feelings: We were invited to the 37th International Emmy Awards, where the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presents the awards to the television programs produced and aired outside of the U.S.

We started the night off by running across the red carpet, embarrassingly blocking some important people's photographs. We spent the next two hours at a VIP cocktail room with photo booth, open bars, and o'dourves stations scanning the room to look for celebs. (We did spot Edie Falco.) The o'dourves included mini crab croquettes, spring rolls, potatoes hallowed and stuffed with caviar and sour cream, crab salad, and some sauteed beef and chicken. The crab croquettes were delicious but left some fishy flavor in my mouth, which is not a pleasant feeling especially when you are trying to make a good impression. I wish there were more vegetarian friendly o'dourves.

At 7pm, we were served dinner with seared ahi tuna with ponzu glaze and daikon salad. Again with a bit of fishy flavor in my mouth, but the daikon salad was quite refreshing and eliminated any uncomfortable fishiness. I ordered a vegetarian dish for the entree, but RB was served a beautiful dish: herb crusted grilled fillet mignon with mushroom medley, white truffle duchess potato, patty pan squash and zucchini. My vegetarian dish was not too glamours, as at gala like this always is, with grilled vegetable pie. It was overcooked and bland and tasted like airplane food. I feel vegetarians always somehow get discriminated at big parties and galas for these two reasons: 1) The waiter always makes a face when you ask for a vegetarian meal. 2) Chefs always serve dishes with absolutely no flavor as if they don't know what to do with us.

We finished the dinner with a cheese and fruit course, and the award ceremony began. There were tons of famous personnel went up on stage such as beautiful Alexa Chung, Moby, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Barbara Walters, and Sir David Frost with the host, Graham Norton. The award ceremony was short and sweet, and it was actually heart warming to see some tables winning awards with much excitement. It is nice to see a close team of people working hard together and being awarded for their creativity and efforts.

The best part of the evening was perhaps the dessert buffet. The large selection of desserts were presented in the foyer after the ceremony. I ran to it like it was an APC sample sale. The chocolate cup filled with cream and with mixed berries on top was excellent. I also enjoyed many other mini cakes and chocolate lollipops. I might have felt cheated to be a vegetarian, but I was happy to have Lactaid pills and was able to enjoy all the amazing desserts. Thank you International Emmy for the great night!

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Unknown said...

They did a Top Chef episode with Natalie Portman and the finalists had to make a good vegetarian dish and many of them were flummoxed. You definitely get a sense that there's an ignorance about vegetarianism and that there are many things you can do with proteins (that aren't meat) and veggies and spices. Glad to read that the dessert was awesome though.