Tuesday, December 1, 2009

22 Happy Cups 11-25-2009

Location: 688 6th Ave.
Time: 4pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: 22 Happy Cups, the Korean Cafe, not only has a cute name and a logo but also has everything I could dream of: crepes, frozen yogurt, coffee, tea, and Korean savory dishes such as bi bim bop and even bulgogi crepes. The service is friendly, and they had a lovely decor that oddly reminded me of "Heidi," the children's book that takes place in the Swiss Alps.

It was difficult to choose what to order here, but I decided with their chocolate frozen yogurt with bananas and dark chocolate chips ($6 for medium size). Unfortunately they were out of peanut butter and green tea yogurt, which sounded the best flavors out of their selections.

The frozen yogurt turned out to be bigger than we expected, and I wished we had ordered a small size instead. The sweetness was very subtle, and it had no chemically-powdery taste you can sometimes experience at other fro-yo parlors. It was an incredibly refreshing treat while maintaining its creaminess. It might not satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is a perfectly light dessert option. For a more serious dessert, I would try their crepes next time.

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