Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Luck GB & Happy Birthday PeeWee at Vynl 10-16-2009

Location: 754 9th Ave.
Time: 12:30pm
People: Showtime Ops!

Feelings: Our lovely GB is moving back to Australia next week, and today was her last day at work. We combined her going away celebration with PeeWee's birthday celebratory event at Vynl.

I've been to Vynl many times over the years, and I enjoy their kitschy and fun atmosphere. Menus on vintage album covers, mosaic, glitters, bright colors, themed bathrooms named after music divas, mirrors, collectibles of divas and gay icons everywhere-- I just feel so giddy and happy when I'm here. I am not a fan of amusement parks or resorts, but if I were to build one, it would have everything that is in this restaurant. The food here, however, is somewhat mediocre. But then, since when do amusement parks have good food anyway?

Vynl's food is overpriced, but the portions are large. GB enjoyed one of her last American meals, mac and cheese. Their version was called three cheese mac and cheese, which came with gruyere, goat cheese and white cheddar. SaSha thought her shepherd's pie was good and comforting. KL enjoyed her meatloaf and mentioned that their mashed potatoes are always good.There were vegan friendly dishes for PeeWee, who ordered coconut milk based soup and "TLT" (tofu instead of bacon). BeBe thought her butternut squash wontons were just okay.

The food might be mediocre, but it was the perfect place for the occasion. It is a pleasant lunch amusement park ride with American food with vegan options. I went back to the office in much better mood than I left it.

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