Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La Crêpe Parisienne 10-14-2009

Location: 51 Spring St.
Time: 9:30pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: I worked up quite an appetite after my shorinji kempo class, but since it was late, I was really looking for something quick and light. As we walked down Spring Street, we saw a new creperie called La Crêpe Parisienne. They had savory crepes, which would be just right to satisfy my hunger but not overstuff me before going to bed.

La Crêpe Parisienne is a chain came from Mexico, not Paris, which explains why their website is in Spanish. Their decor is very cute and reminded me a bit of Le Pain Quotidien with their wooden tables and floor. I also like that the spectators from outside can see the staff making the crepes.

I ordered a crepe with baby spinach, goat cheese and mushroom ($8). The staff was a bit aloof, but they were closing and must have had a long day. The crepe came in a paper cone as it should, and it was much bigger than I had initially expected. The outside of the crepe was nice and crispy. But the inside layers were gooey and soft, and goat cheese started to melt...and it was delicious as I kept going towards middle layers.

They do serve traditional style crepes here with more local friendly toppings and ingredients. The sweet crepes are cheaper, so if you are craving crepes with banana and Nutella, this would be a good spot.

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