Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell GB Party 10-17-2009

Location: Chateau Humbolt, Greenpoint BK
Time: Party time
People: A lot of people

Feelings: As mentioned in a previous post, our ramen and friends member, GB is leaving for Australia. What could this mean? Party!

Many of her friends gathered and enjoyed her last Saturday night in Brooklyn: drinking the last Brooklyn Lager with her, dancing with that familiar New Order song, "Bizarre Love Triangle", leaving notes on NYC subway map, and of course, sharing the last cupcakes and cookies.

Few days prior to the party, GB mentioned that in Australia, people don't really eat pumpkin dessert. She said that it was something she would miss. With this cue, PeeWee made vegan pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate chunks. They were extremely moist and spongy, and I would have never known that they were vegan. The consistency was perfect, and the chocolate chunks added a nice texture to the sponginess. JBH also baked pumpkin sugar cookies, which were gone in about 10 minutes. They were crispy with little soft center with perfect sweetness. Both PeeWee and JBH are great bakers, but I have to admit these were even better than their usual ones. Perhaps this time, their love was really into the dessert. I realize now that cooking and baking really involve your heart and soul... or is it because I just realized that pumpkin dessert goes better with beer than coffee?


Anonymous said...

I adore pumpkins. I HEART them. Why would GB go to a place without pumpkin desserts??

Yosh. O said...

Great question!! Why, GB, why!