Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pho 32 & Shabu St. Marks 09-21-2009

Location: 13 St. Marks Pl.
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: After shopping at Jas Mart on St. Marks, we stopped at Pho 32's St. Marks location. Being relatively new, this location is much cleaner and nicer than the one in K-Town. I also enjoyed the TV instructing people how to eat Shabu, pho and Vietnamese wraps... in case you are confused.

Despite mastering the Shabu technique thanks to the DVD loop, I ordered the $9 egg roll bun (vermicelli bowl). It came with tons of fresh vegetables, and the egg rolls were full of delicious flavor. I wished the vermicelli to vegetable ratio was higher since I felt like I was eating cucumber and radish salad towards the end. They sure looked like noodles though.

RB ordered a pho with brisket, flank, soft tendon ($9), but all he could find in the bowl was soft tendon. We could not tell if they forgot to add meat or the meat was so small that we could not see them with human eyes. The instructional video did not help us with this matter. The noodles were well cooked, and when he added various spices and goodies on the table, the broth became the way he liked.

Pho 32 might not be the best on the block, but it is quick, clean and under $10. We usually go to Udon West after my weekly Japanese grocery shopping at Sunrise or Jas Mart, but Pho 32 is a nice noodle alternative.

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