Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pho 32 Night (Final Bun and Associates of 2008) 08-27-2008

"Where's the bacon?"

Location: 2 W 32nd St
Time: 7pm
People: JLam from MeSoHungry, AL, Da 2 Margarets, KHash, JT, RbL, RB, and Myself
Feelings: Bun and Associate's last outing of 2008 took place in K-Town. The restaurant provides mainly Vietnamese cuisines along with some Shabu Shabu and Korean dishes. Let me warn you, this is not the place to impress your Soho friends or those who might frequently eat in Meat Packing District. This, however, is the perfect place to have quick-cheap Bun and Pho noodles with your fun and boisterous friends.
The "large" pho was superfluously large for RB and AL, but KHash and my "small" pho were properly suited for our appetite. The seafood in the pho was overcooked, so I'd recommend the raw meat or brisket pho if you are a meat lover.

Post Noodle Dessert: Margaret took us to Koryodang, 31 W 32nd St
Feelings: Although JLam could not find his bacon in the bacon bun, and although RbL got some weird tuna bun, the rest of us enjoyed our shaved ice, bubble tea, Popsicles, and Korean pastries under their bright lighting. They sure have a wide variety of buns and other yummy treats.

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