Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pinche Taqueria Afternoon 08-24-2008

"The best So-Cal style Fish Tacos & Burritos!.. in Manhattan" (No noodles here)

Location: 227 Mott St.
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself
Feelings: This is as close as authentic So-Cal Mexican Tacos go in Manhattan. I have no idea why this place is in NoLita of all places, but it is a very cozy place you can sit and enjoy people-watching. (and Gimme Coffee is across the street!) Their fresh corn tortillas and spicy guacamole were amazing, but of course, it does not even come close to some of the taquerias we came across in San Diego.

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Jose said...

I've found that trying to find decent cal-mex or tex-mex in manhattan to be an exercise in futility. There are actually a couple of good places in park slope, La Taqueria on 7th avenue is great but they've taken their dining room upscale so it's best to get take out and eat al fresco. Also Maria's on 4th Avenue at Union street is delicious but a little fancier.