Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Danku 08-31-2009

Location: 47 West 57th St.
Time: 1pm
People: Showtime Ops! Sa-Sha, GB, PeeWee, BeBe, AP and myself

Feelings: It is hard for us midtown office workers aimlessly wandering the streets looking for decent vegetarian cheap eats. Despite the horrible reviews, I had somewhat of high hopes for the new Dutch fast food joint. I want to get fast, cheap and healthy food from environmentally conscious business. If the menu involves noodles and/or veggie croquettes, that would be ideal. It definitely helps when the place looks cute and clean with friendly service. All elements were all there at Danku. EXCEPT the food...

GB and I ordered Indonesian style tofu satay with noodles. It smelled and tasted like microwaved airplane food. Both the tofu and the noodles had the same mushy texture and was pretty inedible. Sa-Sha ordered the crispy krokets, which were overly fried and tasted horrendous. She wondered how they could possibly mess up deep fried food with cheese. We agreed that high school cafeteria and airplanes have better food, and I thought to myself this may possibly be the worst food I have ever tasted. The salad and fruit were, however, decent. They may have issues heating up the food since the pre-made cold dishes were much better.

I absolutely love the concept and philosophy of this healthy fast food joint. I especially liked that their packaging was made from biodegradable material... I just wished they thought more about the flavor of food not being so plastic.


Jose said...

My god those are noodles, I thought they were curly fries.
I've had their croquettes a couple of times and I agree their breading to filling ratio is way off.

Sara Shacket said...

i still get nauseous when i think about the food we at there!

Gar said...

THere's the New Amsterdam event going on at Bowling Green Park and Danku setup a booth there.

Gar said...

Danku also setup a booth at the New Amsterdam Event in Bowling Green Park.