Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blue Ribbon from Brooklyn Bowl Night 09-01-2009

Location: 61 Wythe Ave. BK
Time: 7pm
People: 24 Ramen and Friends: JLam from MeSoHungry, ALev, MLev, SassyMGru, LadyM, PMont, Alyson, Binx2, TrishP, JodyB, ChristaM, Sam, BLee, SamShady, OSha, Pete, GB, JBH, RoGo, KaV, CarlL, Rich, RB and myself

Feelings: We had our monthly Ramen and Friends night at Williamsburg's second bowling venue, Brooklyn Bowl. I have never been to Gutter, so I can't speak in comparison, but Brooklyn Bowl is a very low-key, classy and cool venue with full of fun activities. They have a bar where the bartender was nice enough for GB and I to try three different types of Sixpoint beers. They have a concert/dance area with a huge monitor that shows VH1 Classics. There, we especially enjoyed watching Michael Jackson's "Beat It," live in Tokyo version. They of course have bowling lanes, and to top it all, they have Blue Ribbon restaurant inside. This is the equivalent of Disney World for the neo Williamsburg residents who are a bit of yuppies, a bit of cool.

As we were burning calories bowling, we enjoyed food from Blue Ribbon. I was worried about the sanitary issues, so I had my grilled veggie sandwich ($12) with knife and fork. The portion was huge, and I could not even finish half a sandwich. It tasted fresh, and I especially enjoyed the fluffy bread.

The brisket ($17) RB and JLam shared was the most tender RB had ever had. It melted in his mouth ever so gently and had no business being served at a bowling alley of all places. The beef burger ($9) was also tasty, and the thin fries were crispy and well cooked. They were so well seasoned that we did not need to add any condiments. RoGo and GB ordered Mac and Cheese ($11), which looked and smelled amazing. The cheese looked so cheesy and stringy that they looked like they were eating ramen.

I would love to go back there to try their dessert or milkshakes while appreciating random Prince songs. This place would actually be a good place to have dinner and drinks with your friends. Of course, bowling and a little bit of dancing would always help you stay in shape.

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