Saturday, September 5, 2009

Schnitzel & Things 09-02-2009

Location: Former Dessert Truck location, St Marks and 3rd Ave.
Time: 7pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When we spotted the famous Schnitzel & Things truck hanging out at our beloved Dessert Truck former location, we had to try it immediately for two reasons: RB's love for schnitzel, and my anger towards them for "How dare you taking my Dessert Truck spot," which probably had nothing to do with Schnitzel & Things people.

The inside of the truck looked very clean, and an extremely courteous man took our order. The menu consisted of shnitzel platters (served with two sides) or sandwiches. We asked for a cod schnitzel platter ($9) with Austrian potato salad and Yukon Gold french fries. For condiments, we chose pesto mayo and ginger, scallion, and garlic relish tar tar sauce. They also gave us a big container of chilled mushroom soup for free. They were probably testing the soup for their new menu.

I usually don't enjoy schnitzel or deep fried food of any sort since they give me terrible heartburn. RB is still trying to drag me to Chip Shop with him, but I have said no about 500 times. Their cod schnitzel was light and crisp, and the fish was moist and flaky. It was overall so flavorful that I did not even need to use condiments. When I did use the condiments, they added a pleasant kick of spices. The pesto mayo was especially my favorite.

The potato salad complimented the schnitzel very well. It was light, slightly sweet, tangy and a little sour. The refreshing chilled soup tied everything together. They should definitely add this flavorful soup for their platter, (and still keep $9, please) for it helps clear out your palate and makes you want to go back and have more schnitzel. The cycle of cod schnitzel-potato salad or fries-soup made this meal very enjoyable and gave the layers of complexity.

After the meal, I did not feel sick or get any uncomfortable heartburn, and the anger for the disappearance of the Dessert Truck began to fade (only slightly). Schnitzel & Things, if someone has to take their spot, I'm glad it's you.

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Sara Shacket said...

oh this sounds good. i haven't tried them yet, but i love fried fish :). they sometimes park in midtown for lunch, i follow them on twitter so i'll let you know when! you should go to the chip shop right away. they have other menu items besides fried fish, if you don't want it. but it is sooo good :) it may give you heartburn though.