Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bushwick Boat 08-29-2009

Location: Somewhere on East Kills Canal in Bushwick
Time: 12am
People: A lot of people

Feelings: This was our second time at somewhat secret Bushwick Boat Party, and this time, the theme was "Titanic Chill-Out." There was live music this time from Clinical Trials and Miho Hattori (from Cibo Matto), a real live Santa Claus and assistant, dance party, and of course plenty of bar friendly food such as tamales, cheese burgers and veggie burgers.

I did not expect the food to be very good, but at $5, my veggie burger tasted better than most restaurants. It was a Morning Star frozen veggie patty, but something about being cooked on the grill that had full of flavor from real meat made my veggie burger taste better than average.

RB and JLam's real cheese burgers were also tasty. The patties were hand pressed, not frozen, and they were much better than they had expected. I love that the cook was acting as if he had never seen a grill before, but everything came out very well and looked pretty as well.

Tasty burgers and music on the boat with friends-- what else can I ask for? It was one of the perfect summer nights.

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