Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Patbingsu from B-Bap 07-15-2009

Location: 830 9th Ave.

Feelings: I have not been able to enjoy the pleasant weather much during this unusually hectic summer. I often go to B-Bap Fusion Rice Bar for a quick lunch take out, but today, I decided to give myself a little summer treat that is patbingsu. B-Bap calls their version, "B-Bap Fruit Icy," and it comes with plenty of fresh fruit and mochi on top of shaved ice.

It took them a very long time to prepare this delicious summer dessert, but when it finally appeared in front of me, its colorful display helped me shed all my workday stress. The condensed milk and syrup perfectly mixed with the ice, and the chewy texture of mochi and fresh fruit blended in my mouth. When the ice started to melt, it was indeed a near perfection of all textures and flavor. Their patbingsu is much more low key than Koryodang's version, but it is a perfectly sized treat for stressful summer afternoon. Many people often reach for chocolate for afternoon pick-me-up, but patbingsu and kakigori are good healthier alternatives that are perfect for this season.


Gar said...

i used to go to the teahouse in Japan and get myself a matcha kakigori during the summer. Loved that stuff. Expensive, but loved it.

Yosh. O said...

Hmmm matcha kakigori... with shiratama, I hope!!! yum