Monday, June 8, 2009

Brunch at Westville East 06-07-2009

Location: 173 Ave A
Time: 4pm (yes, that's still brunch time, dammit!)
People: RB and myself

Feelings: As I mentioned on a previous post, RB and I are big fans of Westville East, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. When we realized we never tried their brunch, we decided to head out to our usual Sunday spot before going to see much anticipated Pixar's "Up."

As we sat down at their semi exposed seating area and enjoyed the nice June weather, we got the incredibly accommodating service. I remember getting a very "laid back" service in the past, but today, we got their 100% attention. Perhaps they are more attentive during the brunch hours. Our order of fresh and aromatic coffee appeared at the table in no time.

RB ordered the Ranchero eggs with chorizo and a side of hashed potatoes ($10), and I ordered the smoked salmon omelet without cheese with a side of organic mixed greens with balsamic lemon dill vinaigrette ($10). They both came with amazingly delicious and crispy seven grain toasts with butter. I almost wanted to forget about eating my proteins and just dive into the toast.

RB's over easy eggs were fluffy, but the yolk was still runny enough to add a nice creaminess to the spicy chorizo. My omelet was also quite fluffy and complimented well by the saltiness of the smoked salmon.

We both thought we were safe to enjoy our meal without taking Lactaid. Big mistake. There was no movie for us after the brunch. We got violently sick from all the dairy (milk in the eggs, butter on the toast and heavy cream in the hashed potatoes?) and had to run home. Silly RB and I. We will know better next time.


Gar said...

we would've thought such a healthy sounding meal would get you sick. Hope you're alright. I'm always surprised that restaurant still butter the toast.

Yosh. O said...

I know! We are just sooo severely lactose intolerant. Very sad.