Monday, June 8, 2009

ALev & JLam with Joell Ortiz 06-06-2009

Feelings: I spend much of my free time writing random thoughts about food, but I am also a publicist for Brooklyn's greatest chamber pop band, Mappa Mundi. Over the weekend, JLam from MeSoHungry and Alev, the front man of Mappa Mundi, collaborated in Rik Cordero's video for Joell Ortiz and the Kickdrums.

R&F: What did you think about the shoot?
ALev: Rik is very professional and really kept things moving even though the whole basically had a backyard cookout/block party feel. Joell and his whole team were cool, and he was very professional too, always trying to get the perfect take. As for the band, we basically just jammed the whole time and since everyone had such different musical backgrounds what came out was really interesting.

You can read more about it on JLam's blog!

You can also catch Mappa's next show at Pete's Candy Store on June 20th, 10pm! We'll see you there.


ALev said...


david said...

yay Alev! can't wait to see the vid. also, the movie itself looks great!

Yosh. O said...

david, come to pete's candy and we'll dance to mappa music!!