Sunday, December 28, 2008

Westville East and Tea Time 12-28-2008

"Lazy afternoon.."

Location: 173 Ave A
Time: 6pm
People: RB and myself

Feelings: When we want vegetarian friendly American comfort food in East Village on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we usually head to Westville East. They provide serious comfort food with healthy options at a reasonable price and portions. RB got his usual Cod Fish Po' Boy with fries and beer. It usually comes on baguette, but it came on Hamburger buns this time, which made the dish a little bit soggy. But the homemade tartar sauce and the fish were a tasty combination, and the fries were fresh and perfectly seasoned.
I usually get veggie burger here, which is fresh and excellent. However, today I tried the "PLT" (Poached salmon, lettuce, tomato) on baguette with a side of mixed greens. It had the perfect texture, and the lemon dill dressing harmonized the sandwich.
The food here is very satisfying, but the waitstaff tend to be little too aloof. But that's the charm of this place, and we like it that way on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tea Time: Sympathy for the Kettle, 109 St Marks Pl
Feelings: It's a wonderful small place to relax and sip many cups of authentic tea. Our hazelnut black tea was delicious and had an amazingly sweet aroma. They give you a huge pot of delicious tea, so you have to make sure to visit the bathroom before you leave this place.

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