Monday, December 22, 2008

Havana Central at Graphics Room 12-22-2008

"Felices Fiestas!"

Location: Havana Central, 22 East 17th Street (delivery)
Time: 1pm
People: RK, JO, KHash, PJB, RB, JL
Guest Writer/Reporter: RB

Feelings: RK and JO were kind enough to treat the graphics department to delicious bowls of Happy Holiday paella from Havana Central. As each member of the team opened his or her own over sized portion of chorizo, pork and chicken paella, the room filled with warm cheer. The chicken and pork added nice texture to the dish, but of course the chorizo was the star. The well cooked rice perfectly soaked up the slightly greasy chorizo with gentle spice and good home cooked flavor.
In addition, we split two empanada samplers (beef, chicken and broccoli) and a fresh avocado salad. The empanada crust was crisp, and the filling was tasty and flavorful - exactly the way a good empanada should be. The avocado salad was unimpressive, but quite fresh and nicely arranged.

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