Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Favorite Thing: Wingers 04-21-2009

Feelings: I found these eye catching low fat potato snacks, "Buffalo Nickel Wingers," at our neighborhood health market, Vitality and Health in Astoria. There were five different flavors and spice index of choosing. We got #2 heat index with honey mustard flavor.

I stared into these buffalo wing shaped potato snacks and had a momentary cute attack. As I bit into their crispy goodness, they immediately quickened my pulse. They were so good that I wanted to say some repulsive alpha-male utterances: Booya! Money! Baby! Bring it! Yes, they were that good. The tangy honey mustard flavor was nicely present, but it was not too strong. The texture was crisp, yet airy. Above all, the whole bag has 60% less fat than most potato chips, and I did not get those overstuffed gross feelings afterwards. Finally, this ovo-pescatarian can eat buffallo wings. I am definitely ready for Level #3 heat index, Nacho Chilichanga!

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