Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mama FF's Puttanesca 04-11-2009

Feelings: To my happy surprise, my coworker, FF brought me a container of her mother's famous puttanesca sauce. I have tasted her guacamole in the past, and I am very aware of her mastery of flavor techniques. RB got some whole wheat rigatoni and tasted the sauce with much anticipation. WOW! Bravo, Mama FF--your artistry was again presented in this extremely flavorful sauce. It was sweet and tangy with a slight kick of heat, and the texture was chunky yet smooth and melted in my mouth. It maintained a homey and rustic feel, which is crucial to puttanesca sauce, and she really nailed the fundamentals of what this sauce is supposed to be as well as what it can do.
Dear Mama FF, will you please invite us to your party with your startling food or perhaps a few more containers of your delicious sauce?

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Jose said...

I love puttanesca sauce, it's a classic southern italian dish that loosely translates to "whore sauce". I like mine heavy on the red pepper and olives with light capers.