Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crack that Whippet, Aussie Style 04-10-2009

Location: Somewhere in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Time: 9pm
Feelings: GB and her roommates, all originally from Australia, had an Aussie party at their Greentpoint apartment. There were more Australian women in the place than any other nationalities, so that was definitely an Aussie party.

We witnessed how to crack a stock whip on their rooftop, sang some Australian songs (No, no Kylie or AC/DC.), and enjoyed various drinks and delicious snacks. The bread from their local bakery was quite delicious, fluffy and buttery. The various dips or hummus that was elaborately presented at the table weren't necessary for the tasty bread, but welcomed. To my surprise, I came across one of my favorite snacks of childhood: Whippet. The delicious dark chocolate coated marshmallow treats were still as good as I remembered. I have seen this treat sporadically throughout the city, but it is a rare find. I am now determined to find them and stock up on them. We Whippet, Whippet good.

As we walked around Greenpoint, I was envious of the amounts of delis and restaurants that were open after midnight. RB and I would definitely cook more if we lived in the area. This would limit the food blogging, so it would probably be for the best if we don't move here. Oh, and that dreadful G train. We waited for more than an hour at a cold platform of Nassau Avenue stop, and the train never came. Sneezing with head colds, we decided to take a car service home. Did the MTA doomsday cuts come early for the G?

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