Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Huertas 10-11-2014

Location: 107 1st Ave.
Time: 12pm
People: RB, CK and myself

-Popular Basque-inspired pintxos spot in East Village channels aromatic Northern Spanish cuisine.
-The talk of Basque secession has been on the news since Scottish independence referendum last month. I am curious how the chef/owner feels about this-- it might be a good topic over Spanish wine, craft beers, ciders and cocktails.
-The back room of Huertas ("Orchards") is spacious and inviting. The front dining area carries the intoxicating garlic and meat smell.
-Outstanding, engaged service. It is extremely professional yet casual and relaxing at the same time.
-Spanish omelet, Tortilla de Calabaza ($11, butternut squash, sage, onion) is fluffy and delicious
-Huertas Rotos ($13, potato strands, chorizo, poached eggs) is wonderfully rich and decadent. The shredded potatoes are a wonderfully crunchy spaghetti substitute.
-Churros and Chocolate ($6) is a must.

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