Tuesday, August 19, 2014

North River 08-17-2014

Location: 166 1st Ave.
Time: 11:30am
People: RB, CK and myself


-Amazing list of comfort food with locally sourced ingredients...without kale and other overdone cliches.
-Victorian style flatware and decor in modern setting. There are more seats in the back room.
-Highly recommend "Belly Doughnut"($8)-- toasted coconut doughnut is sliced, and pork belly is sandwiched in between. It is playful and creative but never gimmicky.
-Eggs are perfectly cooked, and the seasoning for home fries is well balanced.
-Every flavor is subtle and elegant yet vibrant, and the quality of ingredients is exceptional.
-Serves complimentary rolls with butter and sea salt (delectable) and seltzer water. Free seltzer!!!
-Also recommend fluffy banana bread despite its dense appearance.
-When we were dining, they were playing amazing 80's power ballads. They complimented the wonderful soft butter. Both melted in my heart.

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