Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coffee Talk: CoffeeTonics 08-10-2014


-Apparently, coffee tonics are the summer drink of this year now that cold brew has become a staple of almost every coffee shop.
-Espresso tonic at Konditori in Cobble Hill (114 Smith Street) is refreshing and crisp. The combination of bitter and subtly sweet is perfect for the summer heat.
-Coffee flavored products are very popular in Japan: I grew up with coffee gum, coffee jelly, coffee candy, and coffee soda (tea soda is also ubiquitous). Why not try this Suntory's Espressoda if you see one at your nearby Japanese supermarket?
-If you want to try something even more interesting, try Thunderbolt at Smith Canteen in Carroll Garden (343 Smith St). It's a coffee version of Arnold Palmer, made with freshly made lemonade and Counter Culture coffee.

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